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Canteen Trailer

We have a very active Canteen trailer project where the club goes out to community events to sell a wide variety of food items. From Apple Blossom in the spring to Thunder in the Valley in the fall our canteen trailer(s) are busy all summer

We have 2 Canteens

Our large canteen is a high volume, fast service trailer and designed for large scale events where feeding masses quickly is the goal. Our french fries are hand cut and we offer everything from coffee, pop and water, to fries, onion rings and hamburgers. The canteen has running water, full power and is inspected annually.

In 2017 we made a smaller canteen for more private events such as staff parties, small community events. It is designed for quick setup and clear up however the produce offering is almost as broad as the large canteen.

If you think your event could benefit from having our canteens onsite just give us a call we would love hearing from you!

CHAIRMAN - Mark Kalkman (902) 679-8541

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